Animal Photography

Getting the perfect photo of a household pet, livestock, or wild animal can be extraordinarily difficult and takes a special set of skills. Animals don't understand instructions in the same way people do, and some animals don't follow directions at all, knowing how to handle those situations while keeping calm is something I have a lot of experience doing.

I have photographed on ranches, at private dwellings, out in nature, and at various fairs. Every location and animal has its difficulties and nuances, but my goal always remains the same: to produce images that capture the character of an animal.

Our animals are important to us, shouldn't we have photos of them that show just that?

I can photograph your animals in a variety of locations including but not limited to my studio and accompanying 2 acres in Salinas, your  home or ranch, and out in the parks and hills sprawled across California. My hours and rates are flexible and can be adjusted to meet your animal's needs!

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