The art of cinematography shares much with photography, the use of light and the manipulation of space to tell a story are still just as important. The main difference between making video and taking a photo is time. By harnessing the movement of images in video we can tell stories of greater complexity.

Nearly anything that can be a photo could be a video instead! Imagine your story on the big screen!

With years of video and photo work under my belt I have all the gear needed for most shoots! My personal gear suits most needs but if your project requires more I have the resources to  obtain project specific equipment.


The important thing to keep in mind is that the gear doesn't make the project: the people and subject do!


I have hands-on experience with equipment from Blackmagic, Sony, Canon, and many more!

My personal gear:

Sony A7S mark ii

Sony A7 mark iii

Canon 24-70 f/4L

Canon 70-200 f/4L

Sony 50mm f/1.8

Rokinon 14mm f/2.8

AudioTechnica AT875R

Moza Air Gimbal

+ Much More

As a talented cinematographer I turn your dreams into a visual story, whether it be video of an upcoming wedding or a commercial for your business, product, or event.

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