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High-end visuals in the Bay Area; Gild Graphics offers a wide range of digital media services covering portraiture, web design, videography, product photography, graphic design, and much more.



Photography is as much a science as it is an art, making experimentation and practice just as important as having an eye for imagery. I have experimented with lighting techniques for years working in studios from the East coast to the West giving me a comfort and skill behind the camera rivaled by few.



The art of cinematography shares much with photography, the use of light and the manipulation of space to tell a story are still just as important. The main difference between making video and taking a photo is time. By harnessing the movement of images in video we can tell stories of greater complexity.



An exceptional graphic and a compelling website are much more than just ink on marketing materials or images on a screen; proper design is about creating engaging media that captures the essence of your project. My unique process results in modern and precise designs that will capture the attention of your audience.

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Every art form is just a way of telling a story, of turning a visual into an experience. A video isn’t just a video, and a logo isn’t just a logo, they are reflections of your business, of your cause. My job as an artist is to create visuals that spark interest and intrigue, and I have spent years turning my know-how into art.
— Kyle Hayden
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